Minor Surgeries



SIMPLE EXTRACTION:   A tooth which has no structure, no vitality are the tooth that needs to be removed. Our experienced doctors here will make sure that you are given medication prior to treatment so that you will have painless procedure.

Once your pain reduces, a gel will be applied near the injection side to make the injection procedure less painful. Local anesthetic injection will be given to make your tooth numb. Once complete numbness is achieved, the decayed tooth is comfortably removed.


WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION:  Wisdom tooth is the one which erupts in the oral cavity at the age of 18-25yrs.this tooth can cause severe pain and many symptoms while eruption or during infection.95% of the wisdom tooth cannot be saved. Most of the times removal of this tooth is tricky and therefore oral and maxillofacial surgeons plays an important role during this tooth removal.

Before proceeding with this wisdom tooth removal, the tooth is studied with the help of an x-ray and accordingly proceeded and posted .after the removal of tooth ,sutures are placed which will be removed after 1week.post operative instructions and medications will be given.


FLAP SURGERY: Is your tooth shaky???? Aren’t they strong enough????Are they bleeding??? These symptoms could be because of the unwanted bad tissue growth called granulation tissue that form between tooth and gum. These granulation tissue can be removed by either manual method that is flap surgery or by using lasers(LANAP). Flap surgery involves opening of the infected soft tissue gums, cleaning the infected area and the placing the soft tissue back in its position.

 FRENECTOMY : A frenum is a soft tissue seen connecting gums and lip in the midline inside the mouth. If this frenum is seen attached close to the teeth, then spaces are formed between the two teeth present on either side of the frenum.

 Frenectomy is a process of removing stress on the tooth by removing this frenum surgically.it is removed partially or completely based on the requirement.

CYST REMOVAL: A cyst is a bag filled with fluids like pus.it is seen beneath long time infected teeth, and rarely seen near impacted tooth.

Cyst causes discomfort, sometimes pain, inability to chew food, numbness.

When cyst is diagnosed, it definitely has to be removed. Our experienced surgeon here will completely excise the cyst with utmost care and suture the area of surgery.


BIOPSY:  It is a diagnostic procedure. In case of any doubt regarding extra growth, discoloration, roughness or non-healing ulcers in your mouth. Painless biopsy is a procedure where a small sample tissue will be taken and sent to the lab for exact diagnosis. Our oral pathologist will study the tissue sample and give us the definite diagnosis in written.


LIP REPOSITIONING SURGERY :   In case of a short upper lip where people tend to have a gummy smile and prominent upper front teeth, this surgery is an alternate option for an orthognanthic surgery where the lip in repositioned downwards and thereby reducing the prominences and gummy smile. This surgery can be done under Local anesthesia as a walk-in procedure .


HAIR TRANSPLANT:  Are you worried about the scarring in your lip, eyebrows or your facial region as you have no hair growth in that scar??? Then you have the option for hair transplant where we transplant the hair from your scalp to your scar and camouflage it.


Pre-Prosthetic Surgery:  The preparation of your mouth before the placement of a prosthesis is referred to as pre-prosthetic surgery.

Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a partial or complete denture in order to ensure the maximum level of comfort. A denture sits on the bone ridge, so it is very important that the bone is the proper shape and size. If a tooth needs to be extracted, the underlying bone might be sharp and uneven. For the best fit of a denture, the bone might need to be smoothed or reshaped. Occasionally, excess bone may need to be removed prior to denture insertion.

One or more of the following procedures might need to be performed in order to prepare your mouth for a denture:

  •  Bone smoothing and reshaping
  • Removal of excess bone
  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Removal of excess gum tissue
  • Exposure of impacted teeth

We will review your particular needs with you during your appointment.

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